Our dogs are like family members to us. We treat them with respect and love and we always take time to understand their personalities and differences.

They are
good friends one with another. They like children and adults and can be fully trusted. They guard their territory together, share their deserts and toys without jealousy and are being fed in the same room, at the same time.

more info about Homerun
Homerun con Tilia
German Champion VDH
Best Baby Atibox 2012, Best Couple Atibox 2012 with Hula Hoop
HD: B (AFB), HD: A2 (BK), cardio clear: AS0/PS0 (AFB), spondi: 0 (BK),
knees: free (SKK), patella: free, kidney US: OK, BH, IPO1, DNA
AVAILABLE FOR MATINGS (chilled and frozen semen available on request)
more info about Homerun
Pirata de Villa-Nika

more info about Jungle Boogie
Jungle Boogie con Tilia
HD: B (AFB), cardio clear: AS0 / PS0 (AFB France), kidney US: OK
more info about Gigi
Je-Suis von Triskell
HD: B1 (BK), HD: B - A/B (AFB), spondi: 0 (BK), AS0/PS0 (AFB), kidney US: OK
more info about Olly
Olly v. Bellya's Box
kidney US: OK
Poppy con Tilia
kidney US: OK
more info about Hula Hoop
Hula Hoop con Tilia
Best Couple Atibox 2012 with Homerun
Best Baby Jahressiger France 2012
HD: A (AFB), cardio clear: AS0 / PS0 (AFB France), kidney US: OK, BH, IPO1
more info about Fidji
Fidji con Tilia
HD: A (AFB), spondi: free (17 months), cardio clear: AS0 / PS0 (AFB France), knees: free
more info about Niní
Nini di Boxerita
Best Baby Atibox 2011
HD: B (AFB), cardio clear: AS0 / PS0 (AFB France)

placed with breeding conditions
more info about Inea
Otilia con Tilia
owner: Véronique Plaine

forever in our hearts
more info about Jumpin' Jack
Jumpin'Jack con Tilia
21/08/2014 - 17/06/2019
HD: A (AFB), cardio clear: AS0 / PS0 (AFB France), JSp: 0 (unofficial), kidney US: OK
more info about Utopia
Utopia con Tilia Topi
02/10/2003 - 21/01/2016
French Jugendjahressiegerin + Best Young, International Champion, Atibox Champion + Best female, French Jahressiegerin + BIS, Veteran Champion of AFB
HD: A1 / A (BK / AFB), spondi: 1 (BK), cardio clear: AS0 / PS0 (AFB France),
more info about Sherpa
Sherpa des Jardins de Passiflore
24/01/2001 - 20/05/2014
Atibox Junior Champion, International, French, Luxembourg Champion
HD: A1 (BK), cardio clear (BCF), knees: free, IPO1, AD, APE / Selection (French Körung): EC3
more info about Babette
Babette del Cuore Grande
01/07/2001 - 17/06/2010
Austrian Jugendklubsiegerin kand., Slovenian, Yugoslavian Junior Champion
HD: C1 (Austria), spondylosis: 0 (Austria), ED & ODC free (at almost 9 years old)
more info about Aysha
Aysha con Tilia
03/08/2005 - 05/05/2006
pre-tested at 7.5 months old - HD: free, cardio clear (SAS, PS: free, no murmur),
spondylosis juvenalis: free
more info about Dandy
Dandy della Cadormare Avik
11/08/1996 - 30/01/2005
Slovenian Klubsieger + BOB, International, Slovenian, Croatian, Austrian, Hungarian, Yugoslavian Champion
HD: B1 (Austria), SchH 1