Pirata de Villa-Nika

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ATIBOX Siegerin 2006 +
Best female
Jahressiegerin France 2008 + Best female + BIS
International Champion

Veteran Champion

Utopia con Tilia

21st December '23:
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Soon news on puppies page ;)

April 2023:

6th of January '22:
Pages for Romy, Ronia and Pirata updated!
New matings for Pirata on his offspring page!

14th of August '21:
New MATINGs / nouvelle SAILLIEs announced on puppies page.

18th of February '21:
New MATING / nouvelle SAILLIE announced on puppies page.

30th of August '20:
2 new MATINGS / SAILLIES announced on puppies page.

20th of July 2020:
New arrival to our kennel! Pirata de Boxer de Villa-Nika, welcome to our family!

18th of July '20:
Several updates done in breeding and our dogs sections.
Pages for Olly v. Bellya's Box and Poppy con Tilia created.

News coming soon under our dogs - Males!

29th of May '19:
WE HAVE PUPPIES! More on puppies page.
29th of March '19:
2 new MATINGS / SAILLIES announced on puppies page.

12th of December '18:
We have puppies !

15th of October '18:
Je-Suis v. Triskell's official health readings arrived from BK Germany: HD: B1, Sp:0.
And AS0/PS0 from AFB. We are very happy.

11th of October '18:
For more info about our last MATING, visit the puppies page.

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