This page contains presentation of my artworks, linked to Boxers.
Since it is a great pleasure for me to combine my profession with my passion, I am very happy to present you some of my works.
Click on thumbnails to see more.

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Star Chaser
Tenzing des Courtilliéres
Star Chaser
Tamilla NorDom
Star Chaser
Birkeboxer Hercules
Mya della Cadormare
Star Chaser
Clovis de Saint Quinis
Star Chaser
Bippa con Tilia
Star Chaser
Cheyenne de Joanxichcan
Star Chaser
Barby Athena's Dream
Megan v.d. Borg Singidunum
Vaya v. Infadar
Vaya's Box Zaffron
Talebano dell'Orcagna
Star Chaser
Marbelton Star Chaser
Art v. Aisneren
Nate Amoteamo
Cipsy con Tilia
Rolf du Val d'Europe
Ivette v. Zogobox
Barbarossa v. Schloss Munchhalisen
Gol di Boxerita

Windwarrior's Liero

Benetton des
Jack del Cuore Grande
Urban v. Joswald
Vaya's Box Zoran
Ugolino dei Cavalieri
del Monferrato

Utopia con Tilia
Bostobox Princess
Yugo della Cadormare
Gol di Boxerita
Proffboxer'n Berita Fearplay
Caruso di Soragna
Korida z Ringu
& Jana
Angel Lynn Moravia Box
Dandy della Cadormare
Gervelmark Flash Freddie for Walkon
Lhetie-Happy des Jardins de Passiflore
Ugo des
Ulrick du Val d'Europe
Perico du Val d'Europe
Hera Ipon Saan
Caligola del Colle dell'Infinito
Utopia con Tilia
as baby
Utopia con Tilia
M de Sullieu
Soraya du Val d'Europe
Very'M des Jardins de Passiflore

Medals at Jahressieger 2007 in Czech Republic were illustrated by my portrait of
Angel Lynn Moravia Box. Medals were a gift from Ivana Tomkova for all participants
of the show. (photo by MaximusDeus)


We are very proud and honored that we had the opportunity to offer a portrait to the Best Boxer and his breeder/owner at Atibox 2005 in Zagreb.
We congratulate Miguel Torrents and Yuhe on this marvelous win.

Atibox 2003
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Enya v. Infadar 2010
Vaya's Box 2010
con Tilia 2009
di Boxerita 2008
Tenzing des
Courtillières 2008
con Tilia 2008
Tenzing des
Courtillières 2007
con Tilia 2007
du Val d'Europe 2004
du Val d'Europe 2004
Karin Rezewski -
vom Schütting
(no longer online)
du Val d'Europe kennel

di Boxerita
ACD Gazette
(original version until October 2010)
les Parfums de Skanbergii

du Rocher d'Antheor kennel
(not updated)

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