father of B litter
Perico du Val d'Europe
15/08/1999 - 08/12/2010
Perico, 9 years old

Perico, 11 years old
11.3 years old
HD:A2 (BK) / B (BCF), spondilosis: 1 (Germany), cardio clear (France, Italy, Germany), eyes: 2b, teeth: 2a, IPO 1, AE (AD), APE, ZTP, Selection (France): EC3, Elite A (France), Körung A (Germany),
Selection (Italy): EC3, DNA tested

World Champion, VDH Champion, Klubsieger (D), International Champion, European Champion, French Champion, Champion of Luxembourg, Champion of Switzerland, Junior Champion of Germany,
Jugendjahressieger of Switzerland 2000, Jugendjahressieger of Germany 2000, Jugendjahressieger of Italy 2000,
Champion of BCF, Champion of BCI, Jahressieger of Italy 2001, Jahressieger of Switzerland 2002, Jahressieger of Croatia 2001
Atibox '03, '04, '05 - Best producer, ATIBOX Sieger veteran '08, Best veteran NE France 2008